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I blog on a range of subjects arising from various aspects of my life. On, I focus on my reactions to early retirement and think about aspects of teaching and research which I hope will be stimulating to those still working in higher education. On, I blog as an authorized lay preacher in a pretty standard parish church of the Church of England, who needs to write in order to find out what she thinks. I took part in the Oxford/St Albans/Armed Forces C of E 'Shared Conversations' in March 2016, worked on the Living in Love and Faith resources from 2017 and was elected to General Synod in October 2021, and continue to try to reflect on some of the issues. On I share my thoughts on various aspects of the history of medicine and the body. I have also written for The Conversation UK on

The wisdom of Solomon (or, that was the week, that was)

‘What are you up to at the moment?’ When I’m asked that question by people unconnected to the Church of England, I tend to reply in a very vague way, because surely they don’t really want the details? But some … Continue reading

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The animal now exists: remembering the 30th anniversary of the ordination of women

On 11 November 1992, the Church of England voted in favour of ordaining women as priests. I was there, as a member of General Synod, sustained by the Bach Rescue Remedy passed along our row by a nun. It’s an … Continue reading

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Living in Love and Faith: some thoughts on the Church Society’s report

This week General Synod members received a report sent to them from the Church Society, taking issue with the most recent documents from LLF.  It was only a matter of time. It has been obvious, since the point at which the LLF process … Continue reading

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Extending our search for the truth: reviewing Past Cases Review 2

Today PCR 2 – Past Cases Review 2 – was published by the National Safeguarding Steering Group. It describes itself as “the most extensive review of records ever conducted by the Church of England”. “There are no possible excuses, no rationalisations for our church’s … Continue reading

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Continuing the conversation: from either/or to both/and

How can we show generosity to those with whom we disagree? And are we sufficiently transparent to show true hospitality? Continue reading

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When the information flow stops: where is Living in Love and Faith?

The country, and the Church of England, return to normality today. I assume that means the country will return to the questions of economics, inequality, health and justice which have been put on hold. For the Church of England, among … Continue reading

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Living in Love and Faith: the final documents?

Yesterday, without much of a fanfare, some more documents were published to add to the ‘LLF book’, and the course, and the videos, and the podcasts, and the papers only accessible through registering with the ‘Hub’. We’d been expecting two … Continue reading

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Christian dating: just try it!

in which I meet a man whose idea of gardening is to mow the flower beds – and marry him Continue reading

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Alliterative Anglicans: see what I did there?*

real life isn’t alliterative or rhyming: so why do we act like it is? Continue reading

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From a tree to a window to an installation: the visual messages of Living in Love and Faith

I’m continuing to process last week’s General Synod meeting, and there certainly is a lot to process; not just the very full agenda over long days, and not just the ongoing rumblings about the confusion during the elections to the … Continue reading

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