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I blog on a range of subjects arising from various aspects of my life. On, I focus on my reactions to early retirement and think about aspects of teaching and research which I hope will be stimulating to those still working in higher education. On, I blog as an authorized lay preacher in a pretty standard parish church of the Church of England, who needs to write in order to find out what she thinks. I took part in the Oxford/St Albans/Armed Forces C of E 'Shared Conversations' in March 2016, worked on the Living in Love and Faith resources from 2017 and was elected to General Synod in October 2021, and continue to try to reflect on some of the issues. On I share my thoughts on various aspects of the history of medicine and the body. I also write for The Conversation UK on

Back on General Synod after all these years…

Today I attended the online count on Zoom and discovered that I have been elected to the House of Laity of General Synod to represent Oxford Diocese for the next five years. It’s still sinking in… The elections work by … Continue reading

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Counter-cultural Cranmer?

As a historian, I am disturbed by the email’s statement that “Cranmer wrote these prophetic words: ‘What the heart loves, the will chooses, and the mind justifies’”.  

Because, quite simply, he didn’t.   Continue reading

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Being winsome

What do Christians mean when they use the word ‘winsome’? And is it as sweet and innocent as the word may suggest? Continue reading

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The Church of England as a WASGIJ

What could the Church of England look like if we reversed our current approach to change? Continue reading

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Handing on the baton? Part 1

Radical new Christian inclusion; but who are ‘we’? Continue reading

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Rewriting your history: thinking about the Winchester case

What does the ‘stepping back’ of the Bishop of Winchester tell us about history and about power?
Continue reading

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Conversion therapy: faith without fear

Unusually today, I was up in time to listen to some pre-7 a.m. radio, so I heard the very rushed interview the Today programme was running on conversion therapy. Anyone who still doesn’t know what this ‘therapy’ entails can read the stories … Continue reading

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Surviving Lockdown 3: a guest post

What’s it like living on your own at 86 in lockdown? Continue reading

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Messiahs I have known

I’ve long lost count of the times I’ve been to a performance of Handel’s Messiah. It was a feature of my childhood, with a train trip from the suburbs to London to hear it. I remember everyone stood for the … Continue reading

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Deleted sex scenes from Living in Love and Faith (4)

Masturbation, of course, has a history – like everything else. Continue reading

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